We’re off!

Welcome to our Missional Faith Blog! At our first gathering, we had a chance to acquaint ourselves with some of the themes of the missional/emerging church movement. We agreed to journey together in exploring this themes, but more important, to explore ways to incorporate them into our lives.

We began with three simple commitments:

1. Read the Gospel of John through the month of October.
2. Read one book related to the missional movement.
3. Make one simple commitment to incorporate what we have learned into our lives.

Whether you were present at our first meeting or not, we’d love for you to join us in the conversation! Post your thoughts and questions.


One thought on “We’re off!

  1. Dear Missional Friends at Faith…

    From what little reading I’ve done of emerging church theology, the one theme which comes through time-and-again is “bringing about the Kingdom of God”… the idea that we as followers of Christ, are directly involved in bringing about the Kingdom of God… this is part of our “mission”.

    I find some of the “emerging” concepts interesting, but others (like this one) are pretty grey and fuzzy. Do we live a righteous life where everything we do (work, family, neighbours, worship, creation, fun, etc.) is meant to press into the Kingdom realm? Or is our mission to win souls to Christ?

    There’s lot’s of room to move here, in this area of discussion – any thoughts?

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