A Gospel for October

I have put together a Bible Reading Schedule for the gospel of John. It breaks down the gospel into five readings a week through the month of October. Just click on the link below. Happy reading!

Gospel of John for October 2007


7 thoughts on “A Gospel for October

  1. Hello; I am planning to go through the gospel of John by using an audio CD of the book. Helps with time management. You can do it while on a long drive or such.
    This will work best for me as I drive a lot for work.


  2. Roy, thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t say it in the posting here on this new site, but the schedule is just for the convenience of those who might find it helpful. It would be great to hear how some others are fitting the reading into their schedule.

  3. I just printed out the Word document tonight, and I will try and keep the hardcopy in my Bible, and read ‘chunks’ at a time… (not too disciplined, really!) But I’m good with a check-list (engineer!)

  4. I’m following Roy’s lead and listening to the Gospel. I’m using a different translation, which helps makes it fresh.

  5. I’ve finished the Gospel of John and thoroughly enjoyed it – again! I had been reading Ezekiel just prior, making John all the more enjoyable. I tried to read it with a “missional eye” (and ear) which really helped me understand what John keeps stating as his purpose for writing, “So that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ” – why is it “new” everytime?

  6. I have completed the Gospel of John. What struck me is the number of times that Jesus says, ” I tell you the truth” When you listen to the entire book read this line just jumps out at you time and time again. He of all here on earth prefacing his comments with “I tell you the truth” seems ironic to me.. Did anyone else note something special??

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