Which Book?

We made a commitment to read a missional book before our next meeting in November. Have you chosen yours? Will you share your choice with us? Post your response as a comment so that we can get an idea of what the others in the group are doing. I haven’t chosen mine yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I settle on my next title.


4 thoughts on “Which Book?

  1. I’m reading a brand new book titled “An Emergent Manifesto of Hope”. It’s a series of essays from a bunch of ’emerging church’ theologians about the concept of ‘hope’. (Brian McLaren is the only name I recognize) I’m 20% in so far, and it’s OK I guess… Some of the emerging church theology is a bit too much for old, conservative Homer… (but it’s OK to be stretched I guess)

  2. One of life’s great joys for me is a new stack of books to read! This week I received a new stash and the book that I’m choosing for our commitment is “Serve God Save the Planet” by J. Matthew Sleeth. Sleeth is a medical doctor who gave up his big house, practice and lifestyle in order to downsize and reduce his “ecological footprint.” It’s a book that challenges Christians to embrace practical ways of taking care of God’s beautiful creation.

    Has anyone else begun their reading?

  3. This is a bit embarrassing to admit at this point, but I’ve had trouble actually getting through my chosen book (Irresistible Revolution). Mostly this is because I keep stumbling upon really good web resources. Here’s just one item that’s caught my attention:

    N.T. Wright gave a lecture at Calvin College back in January summarizing his book ‘Simply Christian’. His talk is fast-paced and packed with ideas and well worth the listen. I especially liked his compelling point that what we do in the here and now can be worthwhile with lasting effect.


    The book ‘Simply Christian’ was one of the books Keven suggested reading at the first meeting.

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