A Simple Commitment

The third piece of our “missional” commitment was to make a simple change in our lives to help us live with a better “outward” focus. This is probably the most difficult challenge. I have a few things that have been bouncing around in my heart and I’m grateful for a group like this to help me get some focus. For October, I’ve decided to try practicing the Daily Office. Several authors have challenged me about the ancient practice of pausing several times a day to read and pray, using the liturgy of the ancient church. I’ve discovered a book that lays out the prayers and readings in contemporary language.  I began using it this week, and I’ve been able to pause 3 out 4 times every day, walking through the assigned Scriptures and prayers, incorporating my own prayer and our commitment to reading the Gospel of John. It’s still early, but I’m hopeful that this rhythm of prayer will be be a renewing experience. If the gospel is meant to impact all of life and all our relationships, then our life ought to be continually nourished by the Word and Spirit. God has challenged me to take this more seriously.

In a totally different direction: if you are still looking for an opportunity to fulfill this commitment, may I suggest the Community Survey that is being conducted on Saturday morning at our church.  This is a great way to meet our neighbours and ask them about how our church can serve them. I also think that this fits perfectly with the kind of challenge that we set for ourselves. We’ll be meeting at 9:00 at the church for some training and then heading out in pairs into the neighbourhood. We could use a few more volunteers, so we’d love to see you out there!

Again, I’d all love to hear what some of you are doing with this third challenge!


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