3 Questions


This article poses three questions that I find challenging:

1. A question of simplification: Even though something is commonplace, do we really need it in our lives?

2. A question of significance: How can we live so that when Christ returns, he won’t have to work so hard to redeem my neighbourhood (relationships, place)?

3. A question of stewardship: Will this choice make the world more like heaven or like hell?


One thought on “3 Questions

  1. Although I wasn’t at the first meeting, this group intrigues me and challenges me and I’ve been checking out the site.

    I enjoyed the article and found it very relevant to my life. I’ve long struggled with “I’m not doing enough for this world” and I marvel at people/families who can say in a sense “Enough is enough, we’re not doing these things just because it’s what everyone else does.” I long for simplicity, but find it hard to always stick with it. It’s so easy to buy things I don’t really need, eat dinner out, drive somewhere I don’t really need to go, etc, etc.
    I do try to do little things though, like dry my clothes on the line, and am somewhat of a recycling fanatic. (My dad has trained me well)
    I’ve really been trying hard to keep connected with my neighbours, which has been a real blessing. Some amazing people around here. Housesitting for a few of them has proven to be a neat way to help out and get to know them.
    After all, since I am most often surrounded my Christians -my work, my church, my family, whom else could I possibly have any minute impact on, but my neighbours?

    All of this stuff is a challenge for me though. One that needs constant reminders. I don’t naturally do some of these things in life.

    Anyway, just sharing my ramblings. I hope and pray that this group continues to be a blessing, and I hope to be involved in the future of this group.

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