Gospel Reading for November

For those who wish to continue with the gospel commitment, I’ve put together a reading plan for November. This will get you through the gospel of Matthew with five readings a week.  Again, feel free to use this as a resource if it’s helpful!

Gospel of Matthew – readings for November 2007


4 thoughts on “Gospel Reading for November

  1. Dear Friends: Following on from our missional discussion meeting last week, I’m committed again for the month of November to keep up with the gospel reading…

    PS – QUESTION – Why does John baptize? Is baptism a Hebrew/Jewish religious tradition already? (apologies if we should already know this!)

  2. Andrea,
    Thanks for the links! The second one is the more helpful of the two, separating Jewish baptism from that of the Qumran community (the group from which we received the Dead Sea Scrolls). Scholars debate the background of John’s baptism, but most agree that it was a baptism of repentance, different than the baptism that Jesus initiates at the end of Matthew 28. It is also remarkable then that Jesus is willing to undergo John’s baptism–on our behalf.

  3. Andrea and Kevin – thanks for your explanations of John the Baptist’s origin for baptism. Very helpful… always more to learn about scripture…

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