Mother Teresa’s Story

This morning, I referenced Mother Teresa’s experience of the hiddenness of God. You can read the original article here.

If you are going through a time of spiritual darkness, I encourage you to confide in a trusted Christian friend who can pray for you when it’s hard to pray yourself.


2 thoughts on “Mother Teresa’s Story

  1. This article was quite amazing, a few things really struck me while I was reading it.
    1. So many times during the article it talked about God not being there…I don’t agree with the way the make it sound. Mainly because it makes it seem that God was nowhere to be found, when in fact he is all around us.
    2. Mother Theresa wrote constantly, which is something that we should all really try, I think this article is a good witness to everyone because it shows the brokenness of life, even in truly amazing people.
    3. I think it’s ironic that Mother Theresa wanted all her letters destroyed because “people will think more of me- less of Jesus”. In some ways this statement is true, however it proves to be an amazing testament of the faith that this women had. The ongoing struggle of questioning is truly amazing, and through her witness makes me feel better about some of the questions that sometimes roam through my mind.

    I would really like to encourage people to read this article because it is fantastic!

  2. I have much to say in regards to the Mother Teresa story and the hiddeness of God but I am still a two finger typist at this point in my life so i need to be brief
    —the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world—the light is greater than the darkness
    —we need to hold all things up under the Light of God’s Word so that by constant use we may train ourselves to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, truth from lies. All things are whatever we see and hear.
    —darkness has been brought into the world by means of our own disobedience, by the ungodliness of the world around us and by the ever-increasing deception of Satan and his hosts of false prophets and antichrists. We are the ones who initiated the game of hide and seek, we hid from God in the garden and “the Lord God called to the man, WHERE ARE YOU?”
    —let us put on the full armor of God, being alert and always praying for each other as saints that whenever we open our mouths, like the angels, that we blast out the Light of the Gospel so that the mystery of it may be made known, fearlessly
    —Rejoice in the Lord always, my friends, I will say it again REJOICE!!!

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