Technology 3, Kevin 0

At our New Year’s Eve service, it was a battle of me vs. technology. After a couple of wonderful services over Christmas where everything fell into place beautifully, nothing wanted to work right on Dec 31. A video I wanted to show wouldn’t go, even though I had tested it earlier. The sound on my Powerpoint Review of 2007 didn’t work and the font messed up. And then my message slides wouldn’t show. None of this had anything to do with our great Tech team. Ken and Ron valiantly worked with me to make the best of it.

But, despite the glitches, we still worshiped. We still prayed. We still explored God’s Word. I love technology.  I have my ipod glued to my ears even as I write this on my Vista-powered laptop (Mac users insert joke here), connected wirelessly to the Internet.  But technology is no saviour. It can enhance, but it can never replace.

So, it was a frustrating service for me. But I learned again that my hope is in God alone and I need no fancy gadgets to connect to Him. I’ll still use technology (we’ll try that video again on Sunday!), but it must always be the servant, never the master.

Here’s a question for you to wrestle with: are there areas where technology has become a master in your life?


2 thoughts on “Technology 3, Kevin 0

  1. Sorry about the delay in responding – I just came across Kevin’s anxiety report about church technology…. We worshipped yesterday in a US Bible-belt, mega-church, with approx. 5,000 in worship… Their technology was more than I’d ever seen before.. It was essentially as professional/up-beat as you see in a movie theatre… On one hand it’s impressive, on the other kind of sad, really..

    There is this dilema in the church; on one hand to stay current with the changing culture, and yet to stay simple in our corporate and private worship of our God of Ages, who is impervious and unaffected by technology… I imagine that our Christ-following ancesters never wrestled with this kind of a dilema in the church… (or maybe they did?)

  2. Regarding tech. uh!!! I recall “inventing” a light-organ-set in my teens. A good friend of mine had two brothers that made their own commputers back in the earl 70’s. (their own computer lang. too!)
    In 1987 we bought our first 286 amdek. using dos. I thought we were set for life. I lost track of how many times I sat for hours on end trying to get a glich out – countless hours.
    I wired our entire house to accept two computers in each room. With a tech savy friend we can have multiple computers going at the same time. I’m suprised how much “demand” there is.
    Yet, if some one wants to send me an e-mail and read it; I respond, “You’d better give me a dingle on the phone to let me know you sent one.” Would I loose sleep if it all fell apart – the tech world. Probably not- because God knows best. And the way I communicate with Him usually isn’t throgh techy things. However, I am thankful for the ability He has given mankind to invent these amazing creations. That’s what I call being made in His image (at least one aspect)-creating things. Hope all this doesn’t sound so cold as I fear the tech world is leaving us warm human beings.
    What do you think?

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