Seeing God in Crisis

Earlier this week, Rob and Marj, a couple in our church, received news that Rob’s brother Art (who lives out West), had been in a serious accident and was being extracted from his vehicle. Things did not sound good. Rob phoned some people and we began to pray. It took two hours to remove Art from his truck and we then heard that he was being airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver. He sustained a number of significant injuries, and faces a long recovery time, but we are thankful that he will make it.

Rob wrote an email reflecting on the whole experience and I asked if I could share with you some of what he wrote about seeing God in the midst of a serious crisis. Here are his words about some of the “God Things” that they and their family have seen:

Marj and I last night prayed for Christians to be at the scene to be there with Art as rescuers, bystanders, whatever. It turns out that Art and Kim know the owners of the house Art crashed into. They are a Christian family. They stayed there praying for Art for the two hours it took to get him out of the vehicle. They have been very gracious about everything.

Marj and I last night prayed for Christian health care providers to care for Art and be there for the family at the hospital. It turns out that the occupational therapist working with Art for his recovery is a woman named Miriam who Art and I both know from Pacific Christian high school – she was in the grade between Art and I and is now serving the Lord in Health Care.

Art calls the allowance he gives to his kids “breathing money” – they don’t earn it, it can’t be withheld, they get it just for “breathing”, for being alive. Well, there is family who will be blessing Art and Kim and the girls with some “breathing money” so that they will not have to worry about anything financially until Art can get back to work – praise God for resources available to do this for them.

Praise God who works His will in ways we don’t understand and somehow in the midst of it provides a peace and security simply in being His children.

Please pray that we as a family don’t get so caught up in problem solving and planning for the future that we fail to see what GOD is doing here. It is easy to be thankful, and then move on – it may be better to linger here a while and perhaps encounter God in new, deeper ways. Thank you for your continued prayers!


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