Holy Week – Saturday

A day of waiting.

Today we sit between the cross and the empty tomb.  A day of puzzlement and confusion.  The chaos has come and now we wait as things settle.  What will happen?  Where is God in all of this?  Why have things ended up like this?  We have brought our brokenness and sin before the cross–and now we wait for God to move.  N.T. Wright suggests that Holy Saturday is like a Sabbath rest after the completion, the ‘it is finished’ moment on the cross.  He invites us to contemplate what it means for Jesus to die:

the Word of God falling silent; the living water no longer flowing; the bread from heaven scattered in the long grass; the light of the world snuffed out; the Good Shepherd snatched away from the flock; the grain of wheat falling into the earth and dying; the Messiah coming to his own people and his own people rejecting him.  Put them all together, and see them folded in this deep and dark Sabbath rest, this seventh day, waiting as we must wait for whatever God will do and bring…


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