We’re Here!

Hi from Africa!!

We’re here, safe and sound. We’re having a quiet morning here at a guest house in Conakry, where we’ve enjoyed a good night of sleep after being on the road for 23 hours. The travels went very well. The flight to Brussels was excellent. We had a two hour layover there, where transfered to our second plane. We stopped for an hour in Dakar and then went on to Conakry.

The airport here was something else. John Span had arranged for Binta, this wonderful young woman to help us get through, and we’re thankful she was there! It was chaos! But it went smoothly, all our luggage arrived and we made it to John and Ann’s place. The driving here is crazy! Like Nicaragua, only 10x worse! The culture shock was less for those of us who had been to Nicaragua, but it’s still something to see… But the people are beautiful, dressed in bright colours and friendly.

John and Ann served us a wonderful supper of lasagna and showed us around their place and gave us some orientation to the country and their work here. Very interesting. Then they drove us to the guest house and we slept quite well. The weather is hot and very uncomfortable because of the humidity. There was power last night, so we had fans, but the power kicked off at 7:30 this morning. We do have internet access here, which is terrific. So I’ll likely be able to post tomorrow as well. After that, we’ll see.

Everyone on the team is healthy and happy after a good night sleep. We’re looking forward to our day. John Span is going to give us a tour of the area, and then we are connecting with some of the people they work with at a BBQ later this afternoon. The time here is four hours ahead of Burlington.

If you are interested in finding out a little more of where we are, you can find some info here.

Please continue to pray for us! I don’t know how many people check into the blog, so if you are reading this, can you spread the word to folks at Faith Church? Thanks!

–With love, from Kevin, Jacquie, Roy, Janet, Kali and Julie


3 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  1. Yay! Prayers answered already. You’ve arrived safely. And internet access!!!!!!! How cool is that?! I’ll be checking regularly. We’ll continue to keep you in our prayers as you get adjusted to time changes, intermittant power, culture shock, etc. You’re taking lots of pictures, right Jacquie? Anyway to post them occasionally?

    PS Rob seems to think you need to know (!?!) that he bought a new BBQ today – AR AR AR. Some exorbitant number of BTUs.

  2. Its good to hear that you have arrived safely. Praying for your adjustment and preparations. God is planning to use you all for significant ministry in the next two weeks – Praying for you to be empowered and open to His leading!

  3. Hey team! So fun to hear from you, thanks for the detailed email of your first day and travels getting there. We are looking forward to more…whenever!! Continue to go about with “eyes wide open”, God is with you.

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