Africa Spiritual Retreat

Well, I thought I was going to be able to post more frequently…wrong. As they say often here: this is Africa! Two days ago was a holiday that closed down internet cafes, and yesterday I spent an hour at one trying to get the internet to work. So, just like that, the conference has come and gone!

It has been an awesome few days. We have really felt all of your prayers, so thank you. We have received many warm words of appreciation from the missionaries, both for the worship and the teaching sessions. Today we closed with all the teams praying over one another, and they closed that prayer time by all gathering around Jacquie and I and praying for us and our church–beautiful!

The children’s programs have also gone very well. Roy, Janet, Kali and Julie have had a great time connecting with the kids. All in all, we can’t be more thankful. Everyone is feeling well and feeling blessed. It’s been a bit strange that as a team, we haven’t seen much of each other. Jacquie and I are in a separate place with the missionaries and then have lunch with them, while the rest of the team eats earlier with the kids. And then for supper, different missionary families have been hosting us separately, usually in pairs. The afternoons have been spent prepping for the next day. I look forward to next week, when we’ll be able to really connect and catch up with each other.

All of us are grateful for the notes that we’ve been opening up every day. Thanks to all of you for doing that–they have been real encouragements. All of us are healthy and well, so that’s been also an answer to prayer.

Tonight is a talent night and tomorrow morning is the closing worship service. We will miss the new friends we’ve made with the missionaries here. What a gift to get a window into the work they do and their collective heart for Muslim Africans. We have also loved connecting with Tom and Deb as well as the Spans.

Thanks for your comments to this blog. Sorry that I haven’t been able to approve many of them for posting until today. I’ve read them and I will pass the good wishes back to the team.

So long for now!

Kevin, on behalf of the Africa Team


One thought on “Africa Spiritual Retreat

  1. Wow – What an answer to prayer! We’re so thankful to hear that the Lord has blessed your time there and that you have been a huge blessing, too. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy the last few days together exploring more of W. Africa. Safe travels!!

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