Enjoying Africa

Well, things are winding down.  This morning we said goodbye to a bunch of missionary friends, including the Span family and Brenda VanderSchuur, who Jacquie and I had grown close to.  It was a tearful goodbye as we waved their bus off and they headed to their respective fields of service.  We really do feel a close bond with the Guinea folks especially.

These have been wonderful days after the intensity of the retreat.  We’ve been able to enjoy each other’s company, as well as time on the beach.  Yesterday we walked to a Monkey Park, which was a neat protected forest, where the monkeys would jump out of the woods to eat peanuts out of our hand.  Janet didn’t appreciate it when a couple jumped right on her, but for the rest it was very fun!  Today we took a bus to a large market here in Banjul–which is always an experience of amazing colours, smells and sights.

Tom and Deb DeRuiter are here with us still, which we love.  Our team remains healthy, and by the time we get to Thursday, we will be more than ready to see our family and friends again.  I don’t know if I’ll post again before that, but we want you to know how much we have felt your prayers.  We look forward to worshiping with our church family on Sunday and sharing a little of our adventure!

Our flight leaves here Thursday at 8 pm–4 pm EST, and we are scheduled to arrive in Toronto around noon on Friday.  Thanks for praying…


One thought on “Enjoying Africa

  1. Hey team, Hi Kales!!
    I have no doubt that the Guinea folks are just as tearful as they had to leave all of you! But now they are refreshed again and are willing to go out and continue God’s work, be encouraged of that!
    We miss all of you and will continue to pray for you all each day. Really enjoy all these last days and experiences, YOU’RE IN AFRICA for a bit more!
    As Kali’s grandma reminds us often “Take a good lung full” and have fun!! Love John and Marg

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