Summer Blogging

I’ve given myself a little challenge:  I’m going to blog each day of the summer–at least those days I have internet access. I’m not going to make a big deal of getting the word out to our church.  So if you have stumbled on this, feel free to journey along as you will, and spread the word if you wish.

I’m inspired by two main things, no three.  The first and least important reason is that I like blogs.  They have a become a big part of my own learning and inspiration.  So, it feels right to make my own small contribution to the conversation.  I’ve enjoyed blogging throughout this year and I don’t want to give it up.

The second is that I need to do some good personal reflection. We are coming off a very full season of activity.  I say that, not to complain, but to simply name our reality.  But suddenly, in the last week, our whole family life has dramatically shifted.  Jacquie’s teaching year is done.  The kids are home from school for the summer, and my own schedule has lightened.  Last week I had a church-related activity every night, while this week I’m able to be home every night if I want.  Tonight, I fixed up our bikes and we went out for a family ride down to the waterfront.  Awesome!  But with the change of pace, I’ve discovered that my emotions have gotten a little frayed.  Two examples:  In my soccer game last Friday night, I got into a heated shouting match with an opposing player.  Granted, he was acting like a jerk 🙂 but still, I was surprised at the intensity of my anger.  And then a night or two later, I woke up from a dream where I had again become exceedingly angry–for no reason.  I hardly remember my dreams, and this sat heavy with me.  My friend Ben keeps reminding me about how important it is to decompress.  As I decompress, I’m a little surprised at what’s coming to the surface.  I don’t want to ignore that.  And it’s a sign that I need to build some healthy space in my life.

Third, as you can already see, I want to use this opportunity to open up the window to my own faith journey a little wider.  I’m reading Church Re-Imagined by Doug Pagitt, which contains stories of his church members woven into the text.  I find myself enjoying the everyday stories of everyday people working out their faith in community.  Those stories have challenged me to think about my own.

I’m not great at keeping a journal, and obviously not everything will end up here.  All writing both reveals and conceals.  But maybe a little glimpse into my own journey will encourage you to reflect on your own.

We’ll see where it goes…


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