Today I had a chance to visit Jim and Val, friends from our time in Owen Sound.  The circumstances of the visit were not very nice.  For several years, Val has been dealing with a severe infection in her knee, complicated by lupus.  After agonizing over what to do, they decided that it was best that her leg be amputated.  That happened this week at St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton.

When I walked into the hospital room today, there was Val on her hospital bed.  One leg stretched out full, the other bandaged, with the lower half missing.  And yet it was the same Val.  And the same Jim.  Full of life.  Full of faith and hope.

Whenever I have moments where I doubt whether God really can radically change a person, I think of Jim and Val.  And my confidence in God is restored.  How God broke into their lives and rescued them from profound brokenness was nothing less than an amazing miracle.  One the privileges of my life was to be around during the key moments in that journey and simply watch the Holy Spirit work.

And then today, to reconnect as they face another battle, and pray together, was a beautiful thing.  Time goes on and lives separate.  And yet the bond of Christian friendship still has mysterious power.  A true gift.


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