Ministry Together

Last night Jacquie and I attended an orientation for the Motel Ministry that some in our church are volunteering with.  I’ve loved hearing the stories of what this work is all about.  Last night, I was impressed by the presentation–the faith and passion of Heidi and Dean was infectious.  This ministry to walk with those who are struggling is so in line with where I think God is leading us as a church.

But what also excites me is that this is a partnership.  Last night, three churches including our own were represented.  We were drawn together by a shared heart for the community in which we live.  This ministry has its roots in the prayer and vision of Heidi, a member at Compass Point church.  And now we have a chance to partner with them, learning from their experience and now growing together.

Last month, I was asked to serve on a leadership team representing a dozen or so church leaders that meet monthly to pray together.  We hope to build on what God is doing to break down denominational barriers among us, so that we can work together to represent Christ in our city.  This Motel Ministry is a small taste of what we’re dreaming of:  brothers and sisters in Christ working hard to love God and love our neighbour.  I think we’re going to see God do a lot more in the months to come…


One thought on “Ministry Together

  1. Kevin,
    I am truly excited at what God is doing in our midst and how He is leading us step by step – His vision is becoming clearer as we walk in obedience to Him . . .
    Serving Him Together,

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