It’s in the Small Struggles…

Things don’t always go as we want.  This week, our kids were gone, which dramatically changes life at home!  Jacquie and I had great plans about what we were going to do to take advantage of our freedom.  And some of it worked out.  Lunch together one day.  Running some fun errands.

But our big day was to be Thursday.  I switched my day off so we could be free to go to the market in St. Jacobs.  The only thing we needed to do before we went was make some small repairs to our pop-up trailer to be ready for a few days of camping next week.

Well, the small repair turned out to be more major than we thought.  It quickly became apparent that this was a big mess that needed to be fixed immediately.  We had to pull back the vinyl on the cap of the trailer, rip out some old, rotted wood, replace it, re-caulk it etc.  That would be fine if I was actually handy and knew what I was doing…

So, we spent much of our free time this week struggling with this old trailer of ours.  And struggling with each other–we both tend to be a little head-strong…

The crowning touch was when the rainstorm hit in the middle of the night early Friday, and there we were, in the rain and in the dark, pulling the trailer by hand into the garage so it wouldn’t get more water damage.  In that moment, I was ready to roll it down a few streets and drop it right in the lake.

Well, we did manage to spend some time in St. Jacobs and it was good.  Some apple fritters and ice cream, enjoying the weather and the market.  If we hadn’t left a gift we had purchased behind somewhere along the way, it would have been almost perfect!

Small matters in the grand scheme of things.  But it’s often in the small struggles that we have to work hardest to live out our faith well.  That was clear this week.

Today, my perspective is better.  One of our kids is back home and we’ll see the other two tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to worship in the morning and our church BBQ.  And next week, I’m taking a few days off so we can go camping with Jacquie’s family.  As long as there is no rain, we’ll be just fine!


One thought on “It’s in the Small Struggles…

  1. Our plans are constantly thwarted, yet we continue to make plans. Why do we have this tendency to want to control the uncontrollable (that is, life)?

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