Biking Local

We came back from a couple of beautiful days of camping.  Actually, today was pretty warm to pack up in, but it made the swim at the end that much sweeter.  It hardly rained and the camper repairs held up (see previous post)!

We camped at Wildwood Conservation area near Stratford.  Jacquie’s parents have a trailer there and it’s close enough to the farm that our brother-in-law can run home to do chores.  One of the fun moments of the week was getting to try out my new toy.  I’ve been saving up my pennies and bought a brand new bike last week.  I ended up buying this sweet gem:

What do you think?

In deciding this purchase, we were actually influenced by our discussions this year with our College and Career group.  We spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to live responsibly as Christians on this planet.  Having a bike that I can ride to work from time to time is a step in the right direction.

Also, we challenged each other in the group to be more intentional and informed about the purchases we make.  One of our commitments was to try to support local business as much as possible.  Jacquie and I liked that this bike is hand-made in Canada.  And we appreciated the small local business that sold it to us.

Of course, the whole purpose here was to do some riding!  Jacquie’s brother, Gerald, is an experienced biker, and there are some good trails around the conservation area where we camped.  On Tuesday, he led Brendan and I out for a good ride.  Very fun.  And the new bike did great.  I have some learning to do (and new muscles to train!), but it was wonderful all the same.  What a great way to experience Creation.  We’ll see how it goes, but I can see getting into biking more and more.


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