Family Celebration

This has been a challenging year for Jacquie’s family.  Sharon, our sister-in-law who is married to Jacquie’s brother, Gerald, sank into deep post-partum depression about six weeks after their beautiful fourth child, Salome was born.  That was last October.  The months after that were dark and heavy.  Sharon was in and out of the hospital, for weeks at a time.  With a farm to run and four kids to care for, it has been a heavy load for Gerald and Jacquie’s parents. A long and tiring stretch in their lives.

Through it all, we have seen God work in beautiful ways, especially through the church community and friends.  People have been amazing–providing countless meals, spending time with Sharon, taking the kids into their homes for extended stretches, praying and encouraging.  From a distance, it’s been hard for us to be available for the day-to-day needs.  We are so grateful for the love and generosity poured out by so many.  God has worked through the care of His community.

Sharon has experienced remarkable improvement in the last couple of months.  We were so glad to be able to camp with them early last week.  And on Sunday night, we were in Exeter to witness Salome’s baptism.  Almost a year old, Salome was in Gerald’s arms on the stage, hamming it up in front of the church, smiling away.  The oldest boys read from Romans 8.  Sharon shared beautifully about her struggles and God’s grace–thanking Him and her church family.  Their pastor, Harry, did a wonderful job of highlighting the beauty and wonder of God’s embrace of Salome through baptism.  A true celebration!  Our hearts were full that night.  If I get a picture, I’ll post it here…


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