We’re finally able to get some time and internet access.  I’m writing from a quiet room in a private campground just outside Revelstoke, with the sounds of the TransCanada highway in the background (and the sight of a beautiful rockface–Mt. Lauren apparently, as someone in our family has renamed it).  Today was a beautiful drive up from Kelowna, through the Okanagan Valley.  Gorgeous!

Our challenge today was actually finding a place to camp.  It’s a long weekend here in B.C. and most of the campgrounds were full.  It took some doing, but we were happy that this place had a couple of sites right next to each other.  There’s a pool, so the kids swam already.  Supper is cooking and later we’ll take a look at the town.  Our plan is to stay for a couple of nights.  Tomorrow we hope to hike in the mountains and perhaps tour the impressive Revelstoke dam.

Our trip so far has been great.  Our flight down and the details all fell into place.  It was awesome to go to the top of the parking garage at the Seattle airport and see our two vans sitting there.  The drive to Abbotsford was good and no problems crossing the border.

Yesterday was the first day that Rob and I had to hook up the trailers.  Neither of us have pulled 31 ft trailers before, so it was an adventure.  With some help from kind neighbours at the campground, we got the trailers hooked up without a hitch (pun intended!) and with our first drive headed right into the mountains where we were quickly initiated!  It went well.

We’re thrilled to be here!  God has put together some fine scenery I tell you!

I’ll tell of a neat exprerience in Kelowna on my next post…


One thought on “Revelstoke

  1. Shawn and I once had a lonely Thanksgiving dinner in Revelstoke, back when we lived in Calgary. Glad you made it safe and sound and found a place to camp. Looking forward to more posts about your trip!

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