A Good Day

It was great to spend a day here in Revelstoke.  Today we went up into Revelstoke National Park (thanks for the pass, Al!) and went on a four hour hike in the mountains.  Breathtaking!  The kids did great on the hike, which ended at a small mountain lake.  The kids threw snowballs of course, and we took lots of pictures (of course!).  Tonight, Rob and Ingrid and the kids are visiting Rob’s cousin here in town and we’re relaxing by the campsite.  There are lots of baseball players in the campground whooping it up pretty good, so we’ll see how the night goes…

The fun thing about a trip like this is the way unexpected God moments show up.  In Kelowna, we decided to go for a drive, see the town and climb the small mountain that overlooks the town.  We drove to the top of Mt. Knox and walked along the path that led to a small pavilion overlooking the whole city and valley.  A beautiful spot.  As we got close to the pavilion we could hear a guy playing guitar and the others singing along.  When we got to the pavilion, we realized that they were singing worship songs.  They were there to worship and pray over the city of Kelowna.  We knew all the songs…so we joined in.  To stumble into a time of worship in a spot that took our breath away–another gift.

Tomorrow we plan to worship at the Revelstoke Alliance church and then head on toward Lake Louise where we have reservations.  Rob’s been there before and is pretty excited about this next leg of the trip, so it should be good!


One thought on “A Good Day

  1. It has been great reading your blogs and following your trip out West. Glad to hear that all is going well so far and for the ‘God moments’ you have been part of. Please wish Ingrid a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ from the entire Lodewyks’ family and we wish you well over the next few weeks.
    Dave and Roberta and family

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