On the Athabasca Glacier!

I’m writing from our campground in Banff, on a beautiful sunny morning. The weather has been excellent so far on our trip. We arrived in Banff yesterday after spending a couple of great days at Lake Louise. We visited Morraine Lake and Lake Louise itself of course, both stunning, but the highlight of our time was the 1.5 hour drive to the Columbia Ice Fields and the chance to step onto the Athabasca Glacier. These are sights that I’ve always heard about, but to see them in person has been a dream fulfilled.

We had originally planned to only spend a night in Banff and then find another campground closer to Calgary, but we’ve decided to hang out longer here at Tunnel Mountain Park, just outside the town. The kids love it and it’s nice not to keep moving all the time. Lauren saw an elk through her window outside the trailer in the middle of the night and Nicole can’t get enough of feeding the gophers, which climb right onto your lap to grab sunflower seeds.

Yesterday was Ingrid’s 40th birthday, so we celebrated by going out for dinner in Banff with the four of us, while the kids hung out in the trailers watching movies. A great dinner to commemorate a big milestone!

Through all the adventure, the realities of life still stay with us. We were deeply saddened to hear that Marian’s Mom had passed away over the weekend. Marian and Homer and their family are in our thoughts all the time. All four of us feel badly that we are so far away and wish we could be with our friends in this sad time. We continue to pray for God’s comfort and strength, especially today with the funeral service.
Our plan today is to climb Mt. Sulphur and take the gondola ride down, and then visit the Hot Springs to ease our aching bones. Tomorrow we’ll hang out here some more, while Rob and Ingrid visit friends near Calgary. Our plan is to drive through Calgary on Friday and meet up again that evening in Rosebud, AB, near Drumheller.


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