We arrived home late yesterday afternoon in the middle of a thunderstorm.  It was only the second storm we experienced over our whole trip.  The first was a wild hailstorm in Saskatchewan that shut down the Trans-Canada for a while.  That one was unbelievable!  Other than that, we had excellent weather along the way.  We heard that things were pretty soggy here in Burlington.

I would have loved to have posted more along the way, but internet access and time were in short supply.  For that reason, Marian’s comment on my last post didn’t go up until yesterday.   After Banff, we traveled to Rosebud, AB, and then booked it across the prairies, spending some time in northern Ontario.  I’ll post some reflections over the next week or two as memories of the trip settle.

What I loved about this trip is that every day brought something new.  We saw and experienced so much of our country along the way that has left us with many rich memories.  And it was great to share the journey with Rob and Ingrid and their family.  We have much to be thankful for today.


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