A New Start for a Good Friend

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in the installation service for Norm Sennema, my good friend who has just moved from Port Perry to Ajax.  He is entering a new chapter in his ministry, serving as pastor at Crossroads Church, a church plant that started 12 years ago.  There was lots of excitement at the service as the people of Crossroads embraced this as a significant moment to reclaim their vision as a church for their community.  It was also meaningful to chat with some people from Norm’s previous church who had come to support and bless him as he and his family begin this new chapter in their lives.

Norm and I have walked together for many years, and our families get along so well–a real gift.  It was awesome to see the impact of his ministry on all these people, and as his friend, to be able to affirm to his new church that they are welcoming a humble, passionate, genuine servant of God.  (I also told them about the time he punched me out, but that’s for another day!).

Norm’s also a faithful blogger, providing daily Scripture reflections and sayings here.


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