Some Links

I thought I’d pass along a few links out of the weekend services.

On Thanksgiving Day, I referenced a series of articles in Slate Magazine about human waste, the huge problem of sanitation around the world and the devastation it causes in so many countries.  If you missed it, the context was a point about being aware that much of what we take for granted here in North America is a privilege in other parts of the world.  Free and easy access to a toilet is one of those privileges.  The Slate articles are earthy, but very informative about a serious global issue.  They give statistics, but also describe some of the new developments in efficient management of human waste.  You can find the first article in the series, and the story that I told on Monday here.

A couple of times, I referenced the new book by Rob Bell.  He is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids.  The book is called Jesus Wants to Save Christians, and is an overview of what’s commonly referred to as “new exodus” theology. You can read a good, balanced review of Rob’s book here.

Finally, how can I have a set of links from the weekend and not include this classic?

Sinead O’Connor’s belief-system raises lots of serious questions.  But there’s no doubt she is one gifted singer.  The quality of the video isn’t very good, but she sure knows how to do this song right:


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