How to Read Blogs – 3 Easy Steps

I suspect that for some who read this blog, the whole blog world is a relatively new thing.  For myself, I have found that blogs are a great way of keeping myself informed about what’s happening.  But it can also be time-consuming.  And keeping up with your favourite blogs by manually checking each one to see if there’s a new post can feel like a time waster.  If you are new to this, let me show you an easy way to stay connected to as many blogs as you like without having to click through them all the time.  There are several methods, but here’s what I do:

Step 1. Sign up with Google Reader.  Google Reader is a feed that keeps all your blogs in one place–and shows you which blogs have new posts.  Once you sign up, you simply enter the web address of a blog you wish to subscribe to, and it will keep track of any new posts that are written.  I keep Google Reader on my bookmarks toolbar for quick access.  When I find a blog I like, I copy the URL, go to Google Reader and add it to my list.

Step 2. Make iGoogle the home page on your computer.  When you go through the process of setting up iGoogle, be sure to add the Google Reader module.  When you sign in on your homepage, any new posts from your list should (!) automatically show up.

Step 3. Subscribe to your favourite blogs!  I have more than 30 blogs that I keep up with.  Some post every day, many less than once a week.  There are a variety of types of blogs to follow.  Mine tend to fall in the following categories:

  • Faith Related.  There are a number of excellent blogs that will encourage you on your faith journey.  For example, my friend Norm posts a devotional each day here.
  • Work related:  I keep up with a number of good bloggers who write about ministry and theology issues, like Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed,  or on personal productivity like this popular blog.
  • Personal:  If friends or family members have a photo account on a site like Flickr, you can subscribe and any new pictures will show up on your homepage.  Both my brothers blog in this way.
  • Personal Interest:  This blog follows the journey of a WW1 soldier.  Jacquie has followed the reflections of this young father through the illness and recent passing away of his wife.  From our own church, Kevin and April have their own blog you can follow.
  • Others:  Some people use blogs to keep up with news or world events.

My suggestion is to find a few blogs you like and start there.  As you dive into the blogging world, you’ll come across links and suggestions about others.  I’ve also had to be disciplined to only subscribe to blogs that I stay interested in.

Do you have a favourite blog?  Post your suggestions in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “How to Read Blogs – 3 Easy Steps

  1. Hi Kev,

    30 blogs? I have 30 categories! 😉

    I prefer to read my feeds in Google Reader itself, as it lets me read by folder and use keyboard shortcuts for navigation. If you’re using Firefox, I recommend the Better GReader extension, as it lets you preview actual posts within Reader, among other great options.

    One blog I look forward to viewing daily: The Big Picture (“News stories in photographs”). During times like these, looking at pictures is sometimes just enough.

  2. Hey Shawn – 30 categories- outdone by my brother again! I’d subscribe to more, but contrary to common opinions about my profession, I do need to work once in a while. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely want to try out the improved version of the Google Reader extension for Firefox.

  3. I love google reader, and I use it right off my home page, Igoogle. One blog I would recommend is called one week job ( which followed an adventure had by a man named Sean as he searched for his passion in his job. He has a great story and has been an inspiration to many people!

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