Advent Conspiracy

ac_logo_wismanThis Sunday, we kicked off our “Advent Conspiracy.”  We are joining about 1000 churches in North America, using the themes of AC to enter into the story of Jesus and his birth in a fresh way.  The challenge in front of us is to focus less on material gifts and more on deepening our relationship with God and others.  How can we make Christmas less about us?  To that end, we are using the money we save from buying less gifts to support a global and local ministry:

1.  Our global ministry is providing the financial resources to build wells in Mali.  A big part of the Advent Conspiracy campaign is addressing the need for clean water in many communities around the world.  You can find other wonderful, similar projects here.

2.  The local ministry we are supporting is Shifra Home.  This is a ministry in our region that provides safe shelter and support for young women dealing with unexpected pregnancy.

On the afternoon of December 14, we are also throwing a Christmas celebration and inviting the residents of Bethany Home to join us.  Bethany Home is a residence in our church’s neighbourhood for adults with special needs. Whether you are part of our church or are part of your own church community, I hope that you embrace the themes of this Advent Conspiracy.  You can read about what one of the founding churches of the AC is doing here.

On Sunday, we showed a promo video for AC.  We had some technical difficulties in our first service, and ended up showing the American version in both services. Here’s the Canadian version of the same video.  Share the message!


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