[spend less]

This past weekend we celebrated the second Sunday of Advent, and looked at the  [spend less] component of our Advent Conspiracy.  The challenge that was put before us on Sunday was to buy one less gift this Christmas and use the money saved to support our two AC projects:  Digging new wells in Mali, and the Shifra Home.

A quote from Sunday regarding the consumption obsession of our culture:

“We buy things we do not want to impress people we do not like.” –Richard Foster

I showed part of a dated but good documentary from the early 90’s, called “Affluenza.”  The excerpt begins around the 6:50 mark.  Check out the cheesy, but kinda funny beginning.

I would also love to post the excellent “person in the mall” interview video that our iConnect group put together (thanks Jon and Kali!).  If I get it, I will put up on my blog as well.  If you missed it, you’ll have to see it, they did a great job!


One thought on “[spend less]

  1. You weren’t joking about that movie being cheesy! It was soo cheesy that it was actually funny…thank you for posting this!

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