Happy New Year!

Well, ok, maybe I’m a little late to offer my my best wishes for 2009, but hey, I’ve got to (re)start somewhere!  Jason was on my case (a little) for the lack of blogging activity, so this one’s for you, J.

January has been an intense time both personally and ministry-wise.  But also good.  A renewed sense of clarity and vision is starting to take shape and I’m excited about where God is leading!  I have a couple of days of retreat scheduled with some colleagues on Monday and Tuesday, and I look forward to a time of reflection, prayer and rest.

I was feeling a little bad for not keeping up with the blog until I read this piece by Bob Hyatt.  I don’t pretend to have the insight or influence that he has, but his reflections helped me be at peace with the priorities I needed to make during a busy time.  The quote from Ruth Hayley Barton alone is worth the effort of clicking on the link.

And on a personal note, if your heart is warmed by adoption stories, you may want to check out the journey to China that my brother and his wife, along with their daughter and my Mom, are undertaking right now to pick up their new adopted son, Nico Han Kun.  They are 3 days into their trip and are keeping an excellent blog here.   They are in our prayers!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hey! I’m glad you finally posted! I love your brothers blog…it’s really neat to see their pictures and feel apart of their experience!

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