Getting Ready

We are pumped!  Jacquie and I were able to celebrate the wedding of good friends on Saturday, celebrate Thanksgiving with her family on Sunday and worship with our church family this weekend.  We have much to be grateful for.  Now we look ahead to the learning journey in front of us as we leave for Israel and Turkey.  The bags are packed and we have just a few details to take care of at work and home before we head to the airport on Tuesday evening.

We had to do quite a bit of preparation for the trip.  We read and reviewed large portions of the New Testament story, memorized an individualized set of Bible verses (ok, I’m still working on mine) and did as much physical preparation as we could.  Today, we went with Ron and Lori on our final Bruce trail “speed hike.”  We know that the trip involves lots of hiking in rocky and hilly terrain, so we hope we’re ready!

On Friday, the grade 4 students in Jacquie’s class gave her a little farewell before the trip.  One of the cards she received made me laugh and so I post it here.  I love it because if you know anything about how fast Jacquie can actually hike, you will know that the picture should actually show us the other way around.  But I’ll take the vote of confidence!

As we leave, we welcome your prayers.  We know that we are heading into a country with some political instability, but we also know that we are in the hands of good and experienced leaders and ultimately in the hands of our faithful God.

Grade 4 Mountain Pic copy


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