Feet on the Ground

We’ve arrived!  I am writing this on the bus on the way to our place of lodging for the next four nights. Originally, we were supposed to go to Nazareth, but that’s changed and we are going straight to Nof Ginosar, a kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee where Lori, Jacquie and I also stayed during our first trip. We were thrilled to be welcomed at the airport by Ray Vanderlaan (henceforth referred to as RVL). It was also great to see Yigal and Nadav, the same bus driver and Israeli tour guide we had last time. They are both special and highly gifted men. 
Our trip went smoothly. A nine hour flight to Istanbul. A two hour layover and a ninety minute flight to Tel Aviv. Our bus ride is about two hours and we’ll be ready for bed. The time here is 7 hours ahead of Ontario.
At the start of the bus ride,  RVL welcomed us and gave us a brief orientation. We will be diving deep into the Biblical text, learning with our feet, our heads and our hearts. We can’t wait!

Here’s a picture of the six of us at Ben Gurion airport.  Shalom!



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