And Off We Go…

Well, we were certainly packed in a full day!  Wakeup call comes at 6am, followed by breakfast and devotions and on the bus at 7am.  We were soon climbing Mt. Arbel, the mountain that overlooks the Sea of Galilee and a likely place for where Jesus climbed when he went off by himself to pray.  It’s a great hike and at the top, we reviewed the important geography of the area where Jesus did most of his ministry.   Throughout the day, RVL – a gifted and passionate teacher – began laying the building blocks of teaching for our trip.  We are exploring how Jesus stepped into a real and living history to bring the Good News of His Kingdom, to build on all that God did in the Old Testament, and to launch His followers into the world to live and breathe that Good News.  Over and over again, we were brought back to that amazing message:  our God reigns!
From there, we explored the excavation of the village of Korazin, one of the places where Jesus ministered.  There is a remarkable remnant of an ancient synagogue and “insula” or large family dwelling here.  

Our final stop was Capernaum, where Jesus lived when he began his ministry.  We sat in a 4th Century synagogue, built on the foundation of the synagogue that was here when Jesus was alive.  The sense of walking in the footsteps of Jesus feels very real in these places in Galilee.

Rob, Joy, John and Margaret, we thought of you often today as we revisited places you’ve seen too, but where the teaching today was both review and new preparation for the journey ahead.  

Heads and hearts full, we headed back to Nof Ginosar where a few of us went for a swim in the Sea of Galilee.  A refreshing end to an inspiring first day!  

Below are shots of our group climbing Mt. Arbel and listening to some teaching in the site of ancient Korazin.



2 thoughts on “And Off We Go…

  1. Enjoyed your comments! We can totally visualize where you are and what you all are experiencing. We are living along. Our prayers are with you all. Shalom!

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