Amazing Galilee

Today was a rich and full day.  For those of us who were here three years ago, we visited Gamla and Caesarea Philippi, two places where we had been before and one new place at Omrit. But even going back to familiar sites was profound.  RVL’s ongoing goal is to prepare us for the explosion of Christianity into Asia Minor and Asia and to understand how intentional Jesus was in preparing His followers for their mission.  

As we drove through the Golan Heights, Nadav, our Israeli guide, helped us understand some of the complexities of the conflict within this nation and around it.  We drove within sight of both Syria and Lebanon, which made some of the current troubles in the world feel very real.  We feel very safe, however, and blessed by the team that is leading us including RVL, Nadav and our expert bus driver Yigal.

We ended our day on what was once the Damascus road, where Paul had his life-changing encounter with God.  We sang and recited the Shema in that place.  A very fitting end to a great day.




2 thoughts on “Amazing Galilee

  1. Thanks for the notes Kevin. Margaret and I are certainly travelling along with you and the team vicariously.

    Shabbat Shalom

  2. Sounds awesome – so glad the trip is going well! Hi to Nadav and Yigal from me 😉 I watched as Yigal squished a fly on a sidewalk railing with the front corner of the bus while driving through Jerusalem last time 🙂

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