A New Path

Today was long and full and we’re tired!  But our hearts are full.  We began the day at the side of the Jordan river, where RVL invited us to embrace John the Baptist’s call to be a people who live to show God to the world, and to do it by bringing shalom into the chaos and brokenness of our world.  We had a chance to opportunity to respond to the call by doing “mikvah” or committing ourselves by immersing ourselves into the Jordan.  It was a deeply personal and moving personal commitment for many of us, myself included.  Then we had a chance to cross the Jordan (which is beautiful, by the way), so we did!  Although it is very rocky, the water levels are low, which made it possible.  We can feel the sense of community between ourselves as Canadians and Americans grow in a sweet way.  Most of them are from Texas, and so we do our part by not going on and on about the series win by the Blue Jays 🙂

The renewing of our call prepared us to go to the Decapolis, the land on the other side of the Sea of Galilee, which was pagan territory in Jesus’ day.  And we saw the evidence.  Beth-Shaen and Sussito are both impressive sites that speak to the power of Rome and Greek culture.  As incredible as both these cities were in their day, both were places in need of the Good News.  We were blessed to spend time in these sites and hear challenging teaching that brings the Bible to life.

We look forward to tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “A New Path

  1. I remember the re dedication well. It was a special experience. Neat you could experience it again. Thanks for the update. Margaret

  2. Well now you are fully immersed into the trip, and the reality of it has settled in. Thanks for the blog notes and pictures. I will try to follow you all along as the updates come through. Give our blessings to the group. R V

  3. How amazing! My jaw drops when you name all the places you are visiting. It makes them so real to me. I am so proud of you all for taking this journey! KJ

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